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High Quality Garage Door Services

Is something wrong with your garage door? Each problem has a cause and a solution, and we’re always available to take care of the latter! The sooner you take action to deal with it the better. Here are some of our most popular services!


From replacing rusty and rotten panels, to fixing openers and replacing broken springs, there is no repair job out there we can’t do for you. Each and every one of our technicians is fully qualified and equipped with the right tools and best spare parts to handle anything needed in order to get your door and its parts back into perfect shape!

We can help you with any problems you have with your garage door. We are able to replace springs, tracks, openers and damaged panels from all brands.(Read more about it here!)


When each component receives proper care, the risk of malfunction will be a lot lower. Our maintenance services covers absolutely any aspect related to keep your door in perfect condition. The moving hardware parts will receive lubrication maintenance using only approved and recommended lubricants, and the door’s safety mechanisms will be thoroughly tested. If there is any worn part, you can be rest assured it will be replaced on the spot with a high quality spare. A properly maintained door is a safe door you can rely on, so take advantage of our service any time. (Read More)Our Garage Door Services


The average torsion spring performing around four cycles a day can last for six and a half to seven years. At the end of its useful life, it will break. When this happens, there will be a loud bang and the door will become impossible to open. Fast replacement is essential, as you must refrain from touching the door in the meantime. The broken spring has to be replaced with a matching one. These are the main technical details. When it comes to service, you can count on our team to safely and professionally adjust and replace any type of spring. (Read More)


Also known as electric operators, these systems consist of a motor unit and a set of hardware parts. The unit, regardless of its type, must be installed correctly in order to properly function. It might sound obvious, but some people make it into a project and are not only doing it wrong, but in some cases also lose the warranty. Broken parts are the most serious problems affecting these systems. Whether it’s the trolley or the moving gear, the faulty part should get replaced straight away. Count on our team to fix, replace or install the perfect opener unit for you any time. (Read More)


Problems with the springs and openers are usually the most urgent, but there are other situations which require a timely solution. If a cable is snapped and the door hangs on one side, the sooner the component is replaced the better. Similarly, when the safety sensors have failed, you won’t be able to close the door normally before they are replaced. Besides, you wouldn’t want to risk the safety of anyone by leaving the door without them for too long. (Read More)

Searching for help with the opener, springs or any other damaged or malfunctioning component? We at “Garage Door Repair in New Canaan” are readily available to eliminate any problem. We work with the most popular brands in Connecticut, so you can expect perfect results on every project. Our services include automatic garage door installation, maintenance and replacement to ensure that our customers receive the best care at any stage of their useful life. To hire us, give us a call or send us a message. Read more about our company and our professional solutions on our website.

Gate Repair

Is your intercom no longer working, your gate doors misaligned or your wheels not turning? Call our company today and get the right gate repair solution for your particular issue. (Read More)