Garage Door Repair New Canaan

At Garage Door Repair in New Canaan, we serve garage doors of all types, brands and makes and there is no problem our team can’t solve! Don’t let a broken spring or a rebelling opener disrupt your daily life! Count on us to fix the problem professionally in the shortest time instead. Our services go beyond repair and include door installation, maintenance and replacement, so you can be rest assured you are fully covered at all times!


Garage Door Emergency

Problems with the springs and openers are usually the most urgent, but there are other situations which require a
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Garage Door Springs

The average torsion spring performing around four cycles a day can last for six and a half to seven
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Garage Door Maintenance

When each component receives proper care, the risk of malfunction will be a lot lower. Our maintenance services
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Professional Repairs & Installations

Both big and small problems can be urgent depending on the situation. If a major component such as the torsion spring, cable or motor is broken, this is certainly an emergency. Rely on us to resolve it in the fastest possible way! All of our spare components are of high quality. Both the parts and the service are under warranty.
If you are having time closing or opening your door, the spring will require adjustment for reducing the amount of torque stored in it. Our technicians are all experienced and qualified to do it safely. If the rail is bowed, let us fix it before it does any damage to the drive. The underlying cause of the problem has to be eliminated too. Usually, this problem is due to too little force in the garage door opener. Our technicians know how to deal with any possible issue, and trained to deliver nothing less than perfect results.

If your door has far too many issues, it might be time to consider a proper replacement. Our team is readily available to help you pick a unit from the best most popular brands present in Connecticut. With our installation service, you will receive full consultation on size, design, structure, make, energy efficiency and more. We are always on schedule, so when you hire us for a project, you know it will be done on time.

When the opener is old, outdated or greatly damaged, it will have to go. Our company is available not only to fix these devices, but to replace them as well. Let us help you go through your options, from drive and motor type to horsepower, and choose the best opener for your needs and budget. Your opener of choice will be installed on the spot!

The best way to keep doors and their operators in good condition for longer is maintenance. If you can’t fit this task into your busy schedule or you don’t know how to do everything properly, leave the work to us. Our maintenance service includes not only adjustments and lubrication, but also preventive repairs and replacements, and most importantly – safety tests.

Garage Door Repair New Canaan

Garage Door Repair New Canaan

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