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3 Sweet Valentine’s Touches for Your Home

Full on decorating at this time of year is not really on everyone's “to do” list. But that doesn't mean you can't embrace the holiday with some subtle hints of celebration around the house. For many people the garage sits just beside the house and makes up a large part of the face of your proper… Continue reading>

The Basics of Opener Maintenance

The Basics of Opener Maintenance

The garage door opener is a complex system consisting of electronic and hardware parts plus a set of accessories for convenient operation. The useful life of the system is around seven years on average, but you can extend it with proper maintenance. Generally, with proper care, you will enjoy smooth… Continue reading>

Cable Replacement

All About Cable and Spring Replacement

The two types of garage door parts which are under the greatest tension are the cables and springs. They also do the hardest work as they transfer force equal in amount to the door’s weight during opening and closing. That is why if they malfunction or fail, the same will happen to the entire door… Continue reading>

Simple Ways to Avoid Serious Garage Door Problems

Simple Ways to Avoid Serious Garage Door Problems

Sometimes, there is nothing you can do to prevent trouble overhead garage doors. If you accidently hit and damage one of the safety sensors, it will have to be replaced. However, it is perfectly possible to avoid some issues or at least to minimize the chances of them occurring. Find out what these … Continue reading>

garage door tests

2 Important Tests to Run on Your Garage Door

What does garage door maintenance involve? One would normally think it is all about adjustments and lubrication. Possibly even replacing several parts. Aren’t you forgetting something? Inspection and testing are equally important tasks as they help you spot problems and deal with them before thing… Continue reading>