What about Garage Door Repair New Canaan services?

If you get into trouble and simple troubleshooting doesn’t help, contact us at Garage Door Repair in New Canaan for a quick professional solution. We fix openers, springs, panels, hardware parts and even remote controls. Count on us for emergency assistance when you can’t open the door or there is a serious safety or security risk, our team is always ready to head out and fix any possible problem you have. We also offer routine maintenance services including safety tests, adjustments, and lubrication. If you are interested in a brand new door, let us help you choose the ideal door brand, make, type and size. When it comes to garage doors, the sky is the limit with our company!

Expert Services for Automatic Garage Doors

The most serious problems are usually caused by the torsion or extension springs. If they don’t hold the optimal amount of tension, the door will malfunction. If they are broken, the unit will be completely stuck. Our technicians are always available to provide all spring repair services from accurate adjustment to full replacement. We never make compromises when it comes to safety or to the quality of the replacement component.

While the spring system does most of the hard work necessary for lifting the door, the electric opener helps you operating the unit easily. If you hear strange sounds coming from the motor unit or it is completely silent, let us fix the problem quickly. We are fully prepared to replace the motor as well as a broken moving gear. Our company is one of the best stocked in Connecticut when it comes to spare parts of high quality.

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Even though the other garage door parts play a smaller role, problems with them can be equally serious. A snapped cable can cause the garage door to go off track, for example. Our team is always available to resolve the problem completely by replacing the cable and fixing the bent track. Damaged panels are never a problem! We will make sure you get a new matching replacement in no time. In general, with proper care, the risk of issues will be a lot lower. We can readily take over this job for you. Our technician will do everything necessary to keep the system safe, secure and smoothly operating. This includes fixing problems and replacing worn parts.

Most modern garage doors can last for thirty years and possibly more with good maintenance while the useful life of openers is typically around seven to ten years. Eventually, replacement will be required. At Garage Door Repair New Canaan, we have long-term experience in installing doors and operators of all types and brands. Things like larger than the standard frame and low ceiling are not a challenge to us. You will receive all the help you need throughout the shopping process. We’ll be done with the installation right on time.